#FEtapestry is a treasure trove of resources, support and opportunities for practitioners from all parts of the FE sector. Curated by PDNorth, a professional development open-collective based in the north of England.

We aim to build upon and strengthen our thriving community, weaving the threads of the sector together into a rich tapestry (you can read more about #FEtapestry here!).

There are so many inspiring practitioners in our sector who are quietly doing amazing things. We want to shine a light on the great work being done in dark corners! We work alongside Skills for Life Network, JoyFE and AmplifyFE (sharing on Twitter? Tag it #AmplifyFE!) seeking to celebrate and amplify practitioner-led events and content.

With thanks to CCC who enable me to keep it going, the PDN family is expansive and includes OTLA, APConnect, NATECLA and every practitioner that has written a blog, made a YouTube video or encouraged colleagues to sign up to the newsletter.

Now, let’s get sewing!


PDN Guardian (and Seamstress)


  • Teachmeets

    A Youtube channel with videos exploring the hows and whys of digital platforms in TLA (teaching, learning + assessment). Want to make your own video for the channel? Let us know!

  • Events

    Our current regular events include the #FEreadingCircle (fortnightly).

    Check out the booking and info page for more information.

FE Constellations in green
UCM GCSE Maths Home Page
Teacher appreciation week (in purple)