Whenever we are asked to say what #JoyFE💛 is we pause, because it’s not like anything else. Maybe Sammy White came closest in her recent presentation for the #OERxDomains conference More Than A Hashtag.  A hashtag was where we started, right back in March 2020 when Stef Wilkinson called me and said, we have to do something. You can check out our Origins Story here.

On Monday 23rd March – lockdown day – we started our first early morning broadcast and these continue each term-time weekday via Facebook Live. People quickly gathered around the #JoyFE💛 concept and we established a supportive WhatsApp group. At Easter we met every morning on Zoom, to think together about the Joyful Remaking of Education (our vision) and the Ideas Room was born – a magical space in a Thinking Environment which now runs for everyone each Wednesday at 8pm and each Friday at 9am – just message us on Twitter for the link.

We planned the #JoyFE💛 Magazine that Easter too and we celebrated its first birthday recently. Why not write for us?

So what are we? We are the Joyful Remaking of Education in all its forms. We’re a movement, a collective – with no money, no hierarchy, no management – and we want to keep it that way. We are genuinely rhizomatic, spreading like bluebells across FE, sharing our energy, our ideas and our practice of care to build community and trust.

If you engage with us, you’re part of us. Write for us, curate our Twitter, come to the Ideas Rooms (facilitate an Ideas Room?), listen to our #FabFridayFE playlist and keep looking out for those opportunities to improve the day with an intentional act of #microjoy.

For more #JoyFE💛 check out our Linktree, sign up for the Magazine and follow us on Twitter @JoyfulFE.

Lou Mycroft


Nomad writer, educator and dancing princess; guided by an ethics of Joy #JoyFE #FEspeaks #APConnect