When working with others from different institutions, it can be difficult to see what everyone is up to, the progress they are making and results they are getting. It’s great to be able to stay in touch and have a space that means you can record the progress of the group collaboratively. Below are some suggested resources to support you with keeping in touch and having a shared area to keep important documents such as agendas, reflective journals and details of upcoming meetings.

Staying in touch

There are some fantastic resources around to help colleagues stay in touch when working together. Some give space to share what you’ve been working on or, for example, share your reflective journal notes. Others have chat features that can enable you to quickly clarify something or check how someone is getting on if you know they’re having a tough time. The following examples have this chatty element to them:

  • Slack – an application/website where you can create different channels for different conversations, share documents and images and send messages to the whole group. We will be bringing you a tutorial on this soon. In the meantime, check out their website for more information.
  • Facebook groups – if you find that all colleagues in your group are already on Facebook, it can be convenient and useful to set up a private Facebook group to post documents or images and comment on them. There is also the messenger function already built in, so you can contact the whole team or just one or two individuals. Find out how to create a Facebook group.

Collaborative working

The following resources are spaces to keep documents everyone needs to be able to see or work on in a space everyone in your group can access. You are in control of how public these spaces are.

  • Padlet – we have a video tutorial set up for this resource which you can find on our Tech Support page. Below is a fantastic example of Padlet being used for similar purposes (click the image to see the Padlet in full):
  • Google Drive – in Google Drive you can create a folder and add colleagues’ email addresses so that they are able to access it. You can control the level at which they can access it – i.e. if they can view or edit. You can also work on the same document in real time as well as adding comments to a document. Find the tutorial on our Tech Support page.