Where: University of Bolton

When: Friday 23rd March 2018 (full day event)

What: Collaboration and Connections

What the day involves

This conference, organised collaboratively by RaPAL and the University of Brighton, aims to explore literacy and numeracy in both the contexts of the everyday and in teaching practice. It is open to proposals from practitioners who have been involved in research projects around the teaching of English and maths as well as focused on the connections with English and maths to contexts outside of the traditional classroom. This may be the promotion of literacy and numeracy in vocational contexts or how these skills support our own practice as teachers and researchers.

Find out more

Click here to go to go to RaPAL’s event page. You can see the more explanatory summary of the event, peruse the programme, find out more about the speakers and find the form to use to submit a proposal. Bookings will be open soon.

Proposals need to be submitted before the 31st January and you can either use the Google Form on the page linked above or download a Word version and email to them.

Ticket prices for attending the event are designed to ensure accessibility to students and staff working in the educational sector.

If you’d like our support with filling in the proposal form/applying to speak at this (or any) event, use the contact form below.

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