What is a Professional Exchange Network?

A Professional Exchange Network is a method of sharing research, experience, practice and resources. Professionals, usually facilitated by a third party, get together to share their ideas and expertise. It’s a fantastic way to share strengths across the sector. These regional hubs are supported by the Education and Training Foundation and there are currently over 2500 members taking part in Exchanges nationally. For more information on how PD North’s Professional Exchange works, click here.

Why join PD North?

Joining PD North will enable you to share and develop your practice within your subject specialist area. Our team will support you to come together with practitioners in the same subject area to effect change in your classroom. PD North puts you at the heart of finding solutions to issues you come across day-to-day and working with colleagues to find the most effective methods.

You’ll also have the opportunity to further develop your professional practice by joining a cross cutting project group. These are similar to the Subject Specialist Groups, but bring together colleagues from different areas across the curriculum to explore themes that cross over. Some example project group topics: assessment for learning, digital technologies, motivating learners, using data to improve success rates.

How do I join a PD North Professional Exchange?

Contact a member of our team to discuss joining PD North. This will start with a Subject Specialist Group, which brings together practitioners from the same subject area. This can lead to further projects which explore ideas across the sector and are called Cross-Cutting Project Groups. You can find details on who to get in touch with in your area here.

What is expected from a participant joining a Professional Exchange?

When you join a Subject Specialist Group, a Regional Lead from our team will support you to complete all the necessary enrolment forms at the first meeting. Once your group has decided its focus, you’ll carry out action research as part of your usual classroom practice as well as recording and reflecting on what you find along the way. You’ll attend four meetings in your region, including the initial meeting. As a group, you’ll decide how to share your findings to spread the impact of your research across your institution and your region – you could even broadcast your findings nationally! Three months after your group has completed its work, you will be asked to complete a long-term impact form to assess how what you found has helped you and others support learning.

There is more information on how this works here.

Further questions? Contact a member of our team

Claire Collins (Project Director)

07752 357 196


Sue Lownsbrough (Network Coordinator)

077 468 04135


Jo Byrne (Administration Lead)