First meeting

A member of our team will guide you through your first meeting. They will support you to fill in the following forms as well as helping you to assign a Group Lead. It will be the Group Lead’s responsibility to stay in touch with the Regional Lead who will be at this first meeting.

The forms

The Professional Standards Self-Assessment

This tool will help you to identify potential areas to focus on within the Cross-Cutting Project Group (CCPG). It is likely that you will find common areas that you and your colleagues feel need attention. This form will be revisited at two other points during the course as it is one method PD North and the E&T Foundation are using to measure the impact of the collaborative action research.

If you’d like to look through the Professional Standards, click on the image from the E&T Foundation below. This link will take you to the E&T Foundation’s website where you can download the Standards in leaflet and poster form as well as accessing other tools.

Group meeting admin

At each meeting, a register and a brief outline of discussions and action points will need to be taken. The Group Lead can take charge of this and pass on to the Regional Lead. It’s a good idea to consider where and when your next meeting will take place and what you would like to have achieved by then.

Discussions and planning

The main purpose of the meeting will be identifying what you would like to resolve together and how you’d like to resolve it. This is completely down to you and your group. This could be informed by SARs or issues you face in your classroom – share ideas and pull out common themes.

The following list of questions comprises some of the details you may wish to think about in terms of how you go about your research and how you wish to record progress:


You’ll need to keep a journal – click here to see examples


Think about spaces you could use to keep all your information and findings together – ideas here


Click for ideas on staying in touch


Click for ideas on sharing with others