To join a Professional Exchange, you will be nominated by someone at your institution. You will be contacted by a member of our team and invited to attend the first Subject Specialist Group meeting.

At the first meeting, practitioners from the same subject area will meet and discuss what they plan to achieve. This could be a problem they wish to solve, a question they plan to answer, or an idea they wish to explore. This will involve carrying out action research, for example trying out methods in class and analysing the impact on learning.

An example of a PD North Professional Exchange: a group of English teachers come together and find that all are having difficulties with attendance on compulsory English classes. They research and consider different methods to encourage attendance and choose to share the strategies out between them. They each try the strategies with their learners, recording and reflecting on impact as they go. They meet twice more to discuss, reflect and adapt while they continue their action research. In their fourth and final meeting, they evaluate the methods and decide to broadcast their findings to the wider teaching community with a video, as well as sharing in CPD at their respective institutions.

You and your group choose the area to explore and how to explore it, as well as interpreting your own results because you are the expert in your classroom and learners!

This Professional Exchange Networks, led by PD North, is commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation. To find out more about the E&T Foundation, click on the image to the right.