PDN is #FEtapestry community collaboration professional learning supportive a stepping stone

Based in the north but for everyone in FE

PDN* is a treasure trove of resources, support and opportunities for practitioners from all parts of the FE sector.

We aim to build upon and strengthen our thriving community, weaving the threads of the sector together into a rich tapestry (you can read more about #FEtapestry very soon!).

There are so many inspiring practitioners in our sector who are quietly doing amazing things. We want to shine a light on the great work being done in dark corners!

*Professional Development North or PDNorth is based in the north of England and kindly looked after by CCC. Whilst we’re proud of our northern roots, we are not restricted by location and encourage practitioners from any area to be part of the PDN community! Many thanks to the Education + Training Foundation for being a part of our humble beginnings via their PEN (Professional Exchange Network) programme.

What does PDN bring to FE?

The cornerstones of PDN are: support, opportunity, amplification + community

  • Regular meetings, get togethers and forums. Or perhaps you’d like to lead your own? Get in touch!

  • A monthly newsletter (subscribe here!) filled with content direct from the sector including: inspiring practice, recommended resources, CPD opportunities, blogs, events, #EduTwitter follows and digital teachmeets.
  • A Youtube channel with videos exploring the hows and whys of digital platforms in TLA (teaching, learning + assessment). Want to make your own video for the channel? Let us know!
  • An active Twitter @PDNorth_FE to help keep up to date with the exchanges, events and opportunities happening in FE. Check out our page for our weekly menu of hashtags to engage with.
  • Peer-led webinars for practitioners to attend (and deliver!)

Latest updates

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Writing a Great Blog for PDNorth

If you’re even reading this, somewhere in your head is the…

“Always feel so inspired after spending time with PDNorth”

“PDNorth gave me the opportunity for meaningtul dialogues in reflective spaces. It gave me support, reinforced that I’m ‘not alone’ in my FE challenges. I’ve been introduced to so many valuable resources, strategies and met many new friends. Thank you!”

“A powerful platform for sharing of best practice which has supported so many teachers in their day to day work.”

“A lovely sense of community and some fantastic events over the years.”