Google Drive uses support examples

In the classroom

  • collaborative writing/planning
  • live/instant feedback
  • surveys/student feedback
  • student assessment
  • digital worksheets

Professional exchange group

  • collaborative writing/planning
  • surveys/forms
  • work on a shared document (spreadsheet, slides, text)
  • storage space accessible by your whole group
google docs options


Google Docs is basically a suite of applications similar to Microsoft Office (or Mac equivalent). The added bonus is the ease of collaborating on the documents – limitless users can type and edit simultaneously. This opens up endless possibilities for use in the classroom as well as use in your professional exchanges. It means that a whole group of students can access a document at the same time (using laptops, desktops or mobile phones if they download the app) and write on it. It also means that a teacher can view, edit and comment on a student’s work as it is written, providing instant, focused feedback.

In professional exchanges, it means that you can create collaborative agendas, where you share a “Google Doc” will all group members and they can add their own ideas. There are a range of uses as Google Drive includes Docs, Sheets (spreadsheets), Slides and Forms.


First of all, you’ll need to register with Google for an account. Click here to do that (opens in a new tab). If you already have a Gmail account, you don’t need to register! View the video below to see the first steps of using Google Drive.


We’ve collated some examples of Google Docs, Slides and Forms being used in different contexts. Scroll through these below:

Try it out!

Just go to and click “Sign in” (or the grid in the top-right corner if you’re already signed in)!

Further support

Google Drive is free but there is an option to upgrade for further space for saving files.

For more support, please remember you can get in touch with your PD North team contact or email Lou or Emily.