Padlet uses support examples

In the classroom

  • collaborative planning/research
  • individual planning
  • base page for resources
  • simple space for saving and sharing links to other pages/documents
  • taking photographs of written work and adding to page

Professional exchange group

  • sharing resources/notes with colleagues on your professional exchange
  • recording your notes on your findings, reflections etc.
  • organising your findings as a group


Padlet is a website where you can create your own pages that become like digital noticeboards. These can be completely private and password protected so you can use the space for your own notes, planning or reflection. They can also be public and you are able to share them with as many or as few people as you wish. You can also decide whether you’d like them to be collaborative or just viewable by others. There’s a lot of choice! Watch the video tutorial below for more details.



We’ve collated some examples of Padlet being used in different contexts. Browse through them below:

Try it out!

Find Padlet here:

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Further support

You will need to register to use Padlet, but you can log in with Google if you already have a Gmail account. It is free to use (you can pay to upgrade for more backgrounds and some extra features, but it is fully usable without upgrading).

For more support, please remember you can get in touch with your PD North team contact or email Lou or Emily. Padlet also has its own YouTube channel, which provides you with even more tips! Find it here.