When Sue visited our college to discuss the Professional Exchange Network, I was intrigued. I signed up immediately and without hesitation- collaboration in this career is vital- so collaborating across North West colleges seemed like an excellent idea. Turns out…it was.

While Sue was here, she shared a resource which I have used and shared and which has helped me to develop a system which students this year have found invaluable.

It was called the Distance Travelled Tracker- it allowed students to see which areas they were improving in, which they needed to work on and led helpfully and seamlessly into target setting. I also added a column to this tracker for “effort”. How effort is measured helped me to develop another system- “the cash in tracker”- students were awarded points (which I called pounds to link with employability) for extra effort in class-there were always 2 sets of objectives available for students to choose 1* and 3*, which gave me an insight into which students were stretching themselves and which found a topic challenging. More pounds were usually available to those who opted for the 3* tasks.

The system was incredible as a motivational tool this year; I remember finding previously disengaged students searching desperately for a spelling mistake in order to earn their team a “pound”.

So to summarise- this for me shows how incredible PD North can be- a small idea shared creates new ideas, which when shared creates more ideas and so on. Sharing and collaboration is key to this profession and I am proud to be a part of that.