Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is an employability course at Calderdale College for people aged 18-25 years with learning difficulties.

What did the project involve?

The project is a concept that started in USA to help those who need a little extra help find employment. Young people with leaning difficulties are very capable and are often over looked for employment, but this project (of which there are several throughout the UK) is amazing and helped many young people realise their goals of gain fully time employment.

What’s next for the project?

  • Regroup after the Covid19 outbreak, has we have been unable to get into the Hospital for the interns to complete all of their 3 work placements.
  • Restart as best we can, what we will be doing is help more young people this year become work ready and help them through the interview and application process and hopefully into employment.

Last Word From the Project Lead:

The more people who learn about Project SEARCH, the better!

The Project SEARCH interns at Calderdale College

The Project SEARCH interns at Calderdale College