Skills for Life – A new strategy for English, Maths, ESOL and Digital

On March 1st 2021, FETL (in partnership with HOLEX and supported by TES for FE), marked the 20 year anniversary of the national Skills for Life strategy by launching a proposed new Strategy for English, Maths, ESOL and Digital. The launch event was chaired by Dr Sue Pember (director of HOLEX, the professional body for adult community learning), who asked each presenter, from all areas of the sector, to make a commitment to the strategy:

  • Robert Halfon MP
  • Jay Blades @The Repair Shop
  • Susannah Chambers @family learning expert
  • Alex Stevenson @LWI
  • Rachel Oner @NATECLA
  • Mark Dawe @AELP
  • Helen George @Sheffield City Region
  • David Russell @ETF
  • Jane Hickie @AELP
  • Lisa Capper @Nacro
  • Stephen Evans @LWI + Festival of Learning
  • Dipa Ganguli @Sutton College
  • Simon Parkinson @WEA
  • David Hughes @AoC

We also heard from learner Hannah, who shared her experience of community learning and the huge impact it had on her life and her family. If practitioners weren’t already invigorated by the whirlwind of affirmative commitments, they were when they heard Hannah speak, as it resonated with many:

“The first foot in the door is the hardest one but the most important. It’s a difficult step but once you do it, you’ll never look back.”

TES FE were tweeting the event as it happened and you can read that thread here. However, the really exciting part of the event happened on Twitter where educators attending the event were responding to the speakers with their own experiences as teachers and learners, along with their thoughts on the new strategy. You can read their responses via the hashtag: #SFL21to31

So what’s next? 
Read the strategy and see which piece of the jigsaw you can play to make the strategy a possibility. Then: join educators and stakeholders nationally, who are making their commitments to learn from the past to improve the future.


Join us in sharing your commitment below ⬇️

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