a book surrounded by festive items: pine cones, stars, candles, hot chocolate and a fir branchAn FE spin on an Icelandic tradition to gift books to your loved ones on Christmas Eve.

One of the best groups I have been a part of this year is the #FEReadingCircle. Despite having been a book lover since before I could read, this has been my very first experience of a ‘book club’. The format was inviting: read as much as you can of the book, no judgement made on progress made, and share your thoughts with the group in a Thinking Environment.

I expected that I would have the opportunity to develop my own observations, learn from the thoughts of others and perhaps retain more information by doing that, but what I hadn’t anticipated was the strong feeling of belonging that emerged. Sharing your thoughts on literature is one thing, but opening yourself up to the vulnerability of loving (or hating) an idea portrayed in a book and finding others whose values adhere to your own through deep reflections on literature is another experience all together.

Jolabokaflod (or Yule Book Flood) is a tradition which sees family members gifting books to one another on Christmas eve. Our FE version of this event is to share a book of your choice (under £10) with others who have opted to join the group. Instead of loved ones, we are sharing with fellow bibliophiles who love books so much that they would like to flood FE with literature during the festive period. Everyone welcome. Deadline of 5th December to express interest.

If you would like to take part, either DM me @EduKayte on Twitter, or email k.haselgrove@derby.ac.uk.

Kayte Haselgrove


Kayte is first and foremost, a mum of two dream boats. She’s also an FE ITT Lecturer at Uni of Derby and National Development Lead for the ETF. Owner of EduKayte.