Founded last summer by Helen Costa (@HelenAustin2013), Sammy White (@WhatTheTrigMath) and Chloë Hynes (@ChloeFibonacci) in a desire to connect with other parents and speak to sector peers who empathise with childcare, chronic multitasking, breastfeeding, holidays that don’t match, sleep deprivation…

The trio started with a simple hashtag but it has grown beyond that into a Wakelet of resources, a UKFEchat takeover and a WhatsApp group. The online community provides a space for all manner of important conversations including potty training relapse, managerial challenges with flexible working hours/location, and the complications of Mother’s Day.

Most recently, we hosted the final hour of the Women’s Leadership Network conference 2022. To promote, we made an awareness video to express the multifaceted challenges of being a parent and educator.

On the night, Gemma Campbell (@gemlcampbell) and Michelle Bowes (@MrsMBowes) spoke about their experience as secondary teachers moving into the more flexible arena of FE. Additionally, we consulted with the #FEparents community to find out the issues they face in our sector, and what #FEparents can do for them.

You can contribute to the survey by using the Mentimeter details below. Alternatively, if you’d like to read through the comments left by other parents in the sector, click the arrows on the bottom left (hover your mouse down the bottom and they will appear).

Moving forward, we’re keen to take action and raise awareness of specific issues e.g, syncing school and work holidays across education sectors to ensure parents holidays match those of their children, and supporting breastfeeding mums at work (above and beyond the law with an ethics of care).

We’d also like to encourage more dads to get involved because we are currently 95% female!

Chloë Hynes


Chloë Hynes is an advanced practitioner and action research mentor. She works alongside a fantastically supportive team at ccConsultancy and works predominantly at home with her 3 year old (+ 43 year old) in Liverpool.

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