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More than just a reading community #FEreadingCircle


I joined to try to read more! (Not worked out yet but I’m trying) it’s great to hear about these reads and ideas. I like how nice and friendly [they] are. Like minded individuals with experience in the sector but from different areas of the country. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a chat, listen to others and be listened to in a supportive environment.

– Beth

The FE Reading Circle recently celebrated their first birthday as a community group! They did so in style, meeting for the first time as a collective in real-life at Gladstone’s library. There they took in the surroundings, read books, chatted, hugged, had birthday cake and chatted some more (sometimes about books, other times not). The Circle currently welcomes 8 regular attendees but have seen many others over the year (including 2 authors) who have helped make the group what it is today. The group also hosted a #UKFEchat Twitter chat last autumn.

I keep attending because there’s no pressure & I always learn lots whether I’ve read the book or not. And because [they’re] all awesome humans

– Kayte

The Reading Circle meet every fortnight on Thursdays at 8pm. It is an open space to think about what you’ve read in the weeks since the last meeting. It’s also an opportunity to check in with one another. You can read more about the origins of the group and the structure of the meetings on this blog. Note that the meetings are held using Thinking Environment principles and are structured using rounds with no interruptions to allow you the space to think. Many members of the group have children and as such sometimes need to arrive late, leave early or dip out unexpected, and we are all very understanding of this need (though respectfully try to keep it to a minimum).

I attended because I was reading some books and wanted to read something different too. Spend some time with like-minded individuals. Opening my world from my own house. No pressure and I attend when I can once kids are asleep. I wear the hoody as I love it and what is represents.

– Helen

The group welcomes new members with open arms. If you’d like to pop in, email ChloeH@PDNorth.org.uk for the door code. The group is currently reading: The Joy of Not Knowing by Marcelo Staricoff.

Chloë Hynes


Chloë Hynes is an advanced practitioner and action research mentor. She works alongside a fantastically supportive team at ccConsultancy and works predominantly at home with her 3 year old (+ 43 year old) in Liverpool.

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