The Coaching and Mentoring Collective

Be inspired to make a difference!


We are a trio of trainers/coaches and facilitators that met as part of the trainer team for the national ETF Mentoring Programme.  We knew that a space was needed in FE for people to gather regularly and share, learn and support each other to improve and widen the coaching and mentoring approach.

The three of us are very passionate about how powerful and impactful coaching and mentoring can be for individuals, teams and organisations and so we decided that we would set something up and see if it had legs.

And so in June 2022, the Coaching and Mentoring Collective was formed and we had our first meet-up.

Co-hosted by Joanna Stokes, Jo Small and Penny Ottewill, our aim is to bring people together to talk about all things coaching and mentoring.  Time to stop, reflect and share in a collaborative, supportive space.

Our mission is to empower, enlighten and energise the world of Further Education and Skills about the amazing power coaching and mentoring can have on staff, students, and the organisation.

We plan to hold these meet-ups online (for now) every half term.  Our second meet up has taken place in September and our next one is December.  Attendees are growing each time and the interest has been phenomenal.  Who knows maybe next year we can meet face to face!

If you would like to know more then contact us on Linkedin or via email at

The overarching aims of the collective are:

  1. Share the good practice of those organisations that have implemented coaching and mentoring strategies
  2. To hear from individuals who have experienced coaching and mentoring, and the impact it has had on them
  3. To hear from individuals who have become mentors or workplace coaches and the benefits and challenges they have experienced
  4. To shine a light on how coaching and mentoring can be used to improve the overall culture of an organisation
  5. To allow participants to experience coaching and mentoring for themselves
  6. To bring together organisations and individuals who are interested in finding out more about Coaching and Mentoring