FE Constellations

The Changemakers Community for FE | from good intentions to sustainable change


FE Constellations is an online membership community freshly designed and evidence-informed for changemakers in Further Education. Our big promise is to support each other to move ‘from good intentions to sustainable actions‘ by mining our collective know-how. Our big purpose is to:

Bring together changemakers in FE through a freshly-designed blended learning experience so that we can connect, collaborate and co-create previously unimagined futures for ourselves and the communities we serve.

You’ll join a pan-organisational community which is small enough to know everyone but big enough to draw on the collective buzz of perspective, ideas and experience.

The real pay-off is that, unlike traditional consultancy, we are all about you developing your agency, energy and momentum to do changemaking work. Changing things takes graft, and it takes time. As part of FE Constellations you’ll be supported to get past the activation zone where changemaking happens – the sweet spot where good intentions move to sustainable action.

NEW!! Radical Rest (self-paced course)

FE Constellations hot-off-the-press, self-paced #RadicalRest course enables you to dig into your own thinking and practice around Radical Rest. There is no rush, only ease. Work through it at your own pace.

Joss Kang and Dr Lou Mycroft have co-curated all the latest thinking about the importance of rest – and why it is radical – and brought it together with two lifetimes’ lived experience of working in FE, in communities and in public health. They are deeply indebted to Tricia Hersey (‘The Nap Bishop’) and other Black scholars for laying down the roots of radical rest.

What will you explore?

Sunset over a corn field

The FE Constellations #RadicalRest course has four modules, and each module has four sessions. The final session in each module encourages you to try out a rest-positive activity. You’ll work through the modules at your own pace, accessing support and thinking spaces through a weekly Office Hour (every Tue 9.30-10.30am) and draw inspiration from fellow participants’ know-how in chat spaces – as and when you need to. Preview modules to get a sense of what you’ll be exploring:

You’re a Part of Something Bigger

By joining #RadicalRest, you’re also invited to be a member of FE Constellations (that’s if you’re not already a member 😁), our overarching community with lifetime membership. Change is hard but it’s easier together.

Your purchase grants you:

  • lifetime access to all #RadicalRest course materials (regularly refreshed)
  • weekly online Office Hours (during term-time) with Joss Kang, Dr Lou Mycroft, and fellow radical resters
  • opportunities to share progress, hold yourself accountable, and release energy
  • learning from peers’ expertise
  • downloads of the #RadicalRest workbook
  • free lifetime membership to #FEConstellations | the Changemakers Community for FE.